“My daughter, now just two and a half years old, was struggling on and off with throat infections, which were leading to tonsillitis. Every second month, we needed to give her antibiotics to fight the infection.

It was after a visit to my pharmacist that we were recommended to try Golden Life Turmeric Blend, as it is safe for children too. I added half a teaspoon of the blend daily to her morning cereal.

As a mother, you really just want your children to be happy and healthy, and to enjoy their young lives. It has now been six months, and I’m thrilled to say she hasn’t had the need to see a doctor. She’s now a happy, healthy little girl once again.”

Leila Royker – Mother

“My husband and I started using Golden Life Turmeric Blend about two months ago. He was recovering from a brain hemorrhage, and I started using it for my rotator cuff, which I had been suffering with for years.

I had heard about the healing properties of turmeric, but had never thought to try it. We found it so easy to incorporate into our lives – we just added it to our daily health shakes. There was a great improvement in my husband’s health. His mobility improved tremendously, and he recovered a lot quicker than anticipated. For me, I found that the pain with my rotator cuff began easing, after years of agony and different types of pain medication.

It’s a relief for us both to feel well once again, and to be on the road to recovery.”

Maxine Pheiffer – Pharmaceutical Rep

“As a competitive athlete, in training for Ironman, I battled with injuries as well as sinus problems. I also suffer from migraines, and general fatigue from balancing full-time work, as well as my training

I was initially looking for something that would improve my recovery time, but I’ve found Golden Life Turmeric Blend has done more than just that. The first noticeable difference was a better quality of sleep. My body was recovering quicker from training, but I also noticed I had a better mood and was coping better with stressful situations.

I’ve found taking the blend morning and night most beneficial for me. And now, when I don’t take the blend, I feel it! A healthy life is a balanced life.”

Iain McGregor – Ironman Competitor

“I believe in being physically and mentally healthy and so I enjoy running after work to wind down. About eight months ago I sprained my ankle. I couldn’t put any weight on it, and it was difficult to walk – never mind run!

I tried a few different treatments, but nothing was working. Then a friend recommended the blend to me, and after a few weeks my ankle pain completely disappeared.

I had read a lot about the healing properties of turmeric, and had tried using it on my own, but I do believe Golden Life has the right combination of ingredients to give maximum results. I am currently using it twice a day and it has become part of my daily life.

It has contributed hugely to my overall health and I cannot go without it!”

Izoldé Viljoen – Spinning Instructor

“As a freelancer, I need to balance a lot of deadlines and erratic working hours. I’m always trying to not get sick. But when I do, I keep away from antibiotics, as I prefer a more natural route to healing.

I was introduced to Golden life by a friend and was intrigued to try it as a preventative treatment. I was excited to discover how turmeric can help not just as an immune booster, but also aids with sleep, mood and is a natural antidepressant.

Initially, I would make myself a golden milk latte when showing the first signs of a cold or when feeling low on energy, as I found it worked to stave off any twinges of sickness. I’ve now begun to incorporate it into my diet daily, morning and night.

Golden Life Turmeric Blend has become a part of my day.”

Jennifer Watkins – Freelancer

“I was experiencing tingling in my fingers and toes, and pain in my lower back. I had heard about the healing properties of turmeric, but had never tried using it medicinally before.

I was surprised how easy it was to use, and how quickly I felt the effects.

After only two weeks, my symptoms eased. After a month, the symptoms were almost non-existent. Within three months, there was no more tingling. My lower back pain had decreased substantially, and my overall energy levels increased.

I believe a healthy life is a good balance between exercise and rest, and to eat a healthy and well balanced diet according to what YOUR body needs. It turns out my body needed Golden Life Turmeric Blend.”

Jaqueline Douglas Jones – Director

Make it Golden

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