Our Blend

A Blend of spices turmeric, black pepper, ginger and cinnamon, displayed in spoons on a marble table.

Live your Golden Life

Golden Life Turmeric Blend is designed for your optimal wellbeing. We understand how essential a strong, healthy mind and body is in today’s modern world. Your health is your most important asset. It’s the key to living your best life. Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to live their Golden Life.

We have harnessed the ancient healing power of turmeric root with modern science, to bring you a formulation full of health-boosting active ingredients. A daily dose of Golden Life Turmeric Blend can help to keep you mentally and physically strong, to train better, age better and help prevent future illness.

“Formulated by a Pharmacist, blended by a Spice Merchant”

The Science of our blend

A beautiful blend of premium ingredients still needs a little helping hand from science to enhance their natural healing properties, and balance taste.

Golden Life Turmeric Blend was created by Pharmacist Amaan Kajee, as he searched for his path to health following years of illness. In partnership with one of the top Spice Merchants in South Africa, they worked with the finest quality of natural ingredients to create a formula that would boost each spice’s natural health benefits, and enhance their wholesome flavours. The result is a delicious golden blend, designed to fit into your daily life with ease.

The healing properties of Golden Life Turmeric Blend begin with the pigment that gives the turmeric spice its beautiful golden colour – curcumin. This is the essential, healing element of turmeric.

Science tells us not just any turmeric will do. The higher the grade of turmeric, the more curcumin it will contain – meaning it will be of genuine health benefit to your body. That’s what you’ll find in our blend.

We use only high-grade premium turmeric, sourced from its native India and Southeast Asia. To this we add high quality ginger, sourced from Nigeria, and also known for its healing properties, and a little Sri Lankan cinnamon for flavour. Cinnamon is a wonderful companion, as it adds a natural sweetness and comes with its own bounty of health benefits.

The second layer of science comes with the final ingredient needed, which the turmeric requires to aid absorption, and prevents the spice from simply working its way through the body. So we add some boosting black pepper. This allows the curcumin to perform to its optimum potential within the body.

Each spice is taken in its raw form (the bark, root and corn) and expertly milled to a fine particle, which allows for easy mixing, absorption and flavour.

It’s then blended to our expert ratios, to create the perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

At each step, we respect the natural properties of our premium ingredients, with nothing added to the process. The result is a pure, synergistic blend, designed for optimum health benefit, and with a delicious taste.

Inspired by one man’s journey to health

The inspiration behind our blend came from one man’s road to recovery. Founder of Golden Life, Amaan Kajee, an experienced and respected pharmacist, shares his journey to his Golden Life.