Have a shot!

Many of our fans love taking Golden Life Turmeric Blend as a shot, particularly in the morning. It’s quick, easy and can be combined with some of the other health-boosting products in your cupboard.



For an on-the-go boost, make them the night before and store in mini-bottles in the fridge. Shake well before drinking!



Each shot starts with a heaped teaspoon (1 dose) of Golden Life dissolved in some hot water. From there you can add your preferred complimentary ingredients. Here’s our favourites:

  • Golden Life with orange juice and honey
  • Golden Life with 1 teaspoon of black seed oil (also known as kulunji seed, black cumin, or nigella sativa), with 1teaspoon apple cider vinegar and a dash of honey to taste
  • Golden Life mixed with rooibos tea and honey
  • Golden Life with collagen


Golden Life Turmeric shot with honey and apple cider vinegar

Golden Life Turmeric shot with rooibos

Golden Life Turmeric shot on the go